Osmosis Games is a small, independent educational video game studio determined to help teachers bring engaging, authentic activities to their classrooms. 

Our games are carefully crafted so that teachers can realistically use them in a classroom environment. Engagement, scaffolding, differentiation, and standards are all thoughtfully considered in the design process.

Most of our labs and activities are inquiry based so that the scientific method is taught in practice rather than from the textbook. These labs are classroom tested and teacher approved. 

Our Team

Geoff Musick, on the right, is the founder and developer for Osmosis Games. Geoff brings 3 years of teaching experience from the HS science classroom. Having received his M.Ed in 2016, Geoff hopes to bring a fresh and realistic approach to the game industry as it relates to the classroom. 

Maggie Musick, left, is the primary alpha and beta tester and assists with level design. Maggie has tutored HS students for 3 years and has taught HS science for 1 year. She knows what the biggest high school science misconceptions are and how best to address them. She is now pursuing her masters/PhD in biological sciences.

Leo Musick, middle, is the heart and soul of Osmosis Games. Leo is in charge of company security, company morale, and providing emotional support when debugging. 


All Osmosis Games apps are free and do not contain ads. Please consider making a donation to help us keep making apps and resources for teachers and students.